Meet The Waterkeeper of Costa Rica

Our #TOGETHERBAND Voices mini documentaries, created by ‘The True Cost’ filmmaker Andrew Morgan, take a closer look at the stories behind the UN’s 17 Global Sustainability Goals. At the heart of each film are extraordinary people making it their priority to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing planet Earth. 

For this, our second film, Andrew travelled to coastal Costa Rica to meet Carolina Cavarria, Nicoya Peninsula’s Waterkeeper. Carolina has made it her mission to tackle plastic pollution in this incredibly beautiful region, with her beach clean ups. She started with just four people trawling the beaches, now as many as 70 people are able to collect as much as a tonne of plastic.

Although she has already made a huge difference, including setting up recycling centres to prevent more plastic washing into the water system, she believes there is still much more to be done. “Not using a straw is just not going to cut it,'' she says. Watch the full 8 minute video to find out more.