Empowering Ugandan Women With Coffee

Our #TOGETHERBAND Voices mini documentaries, created by ‘The True Cost’ filmmaker Andrew Morgan, take a closer look at the stories behind the UN’s 17 Global Sustainability Goals. At the heart of each film are extraordinary people making it their priority to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing planet Earth. 


For this, our sixth film, and to celebrate Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth, Andrew travelled to Mpigi, Uganda, to meet Elizabeth Nalugemwa, the founder and CEO of Kyaffe Farmers Coffee. Elizabeth grew up on a coffee farm and realised she could use her lifetime of experience and knowledge to change the lives of women in her home country. 

In Uganda, women often face challenges like violence, gender inequality and poverty, but helping female coffee farmers by buying their coffee from them at fair prices, as well as getting them involved in the entire supply chain so that they understand and can market their product better, means that Elizabeth can empower these women to manage their basic needs more efficiently. “Women can do better things if they are given the chance”, she says. 

Watch the full film to find out more about the amazing work Elizabeth and Kyaffe Farmers Coffee does.