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BOTTLETOP was inspired to create the #TOGETHERBAND campaign in support of the UN Goals following a meeting with Amina Mohammed, the UN Deputy Security General. We see the Global Goals as the World's best route map to a healthy and sustainable future. We set out to use creativity and culture to engage the World with the Goals and inspire action that will impact the achievement of the Goals. The #TOGETHERBAND campaign focuses on bringing together a diverse coalition of partners and creating a Global community of active citizens committed to achieving the Goals.

The campaign centres around 17 sustainably and ethically produced friendship bands, each one representing a different Global Goal. The 17 month long campaign leads up to the UN General Assembly in 2020, 10 years before the target date to achieve the Goals in 2030. 100% of the profits from #TOGETHERBAND will be donated to ground-breaking projects advancing each of the Global Goals.

Now is our time to come together and take action to achieve a healthy and sustainable future for our planet.



The BOTTLETOP Foundation was launched by Cameron Saul and his father Roger Saul (founder of British luxury fashion brand Mulberry) in 2002. At its heart was a handbag made from recycled bottle tops in Africa and lined with Mulberry leather in Europe. The best-selling design generated local employment and vital funds for grassroots education projects in Africa. His friend Oliver Wayman discovered a process using upcycled aluminium ring pulls held together by crochet. Together they cofounded the BOTTLETOP company. The first bag the ‘Bellani’ using this technique was named after Oliver’s mother and was created by Brazilian artisans. This atelier in Salvador Brazil has continued to create Bottletop products for over ten years, empowering local women to become skilled workers. BOTTLETOP also creates collections in Nepal, Kenya and Indonesia. The sale of BOTTLETOP designs fund the operation of the BOTTLETOP Foundation, which empowers young people in Malawi, Mozambique, Rwanda, Kenya and Brazil.


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UBS joined #TOGETHERBAND as the Founding Partner to support its launch and execution; with a mission to drive awareness for the 17 Global Goals. UBS has led the industry in sustainable impact investing and smart philanthropy; mobilising private wealth to support the achievement of the Global Goals. The UBS Optimus Foundation supports high-quality, entrepreneurial and sustainable programs across the globe that benefit the world’s most vulnerable children.