The Teachers That Shaped Team #TOGETHERBAND

Teachers have the ability to shape our futures; the educators that we meet in our formative years at school can make huge and lasting impacts on our lives. 

To celebrate Goal 4: Quality Education, we asked the team here at #TOGETHERBAND about the teachers that made a real difference to them. From applying maths in the real world to appreciating the natural world, here are the teachers we’ve never forgotten.

Hannah Rochell, deputy head of content 

When I was 9 I had a teacher called Mr Gloyn. He was great at teaching the curriculum, but he also had a special interest in birdwatching and used to take the whole class out to a nature reserve, teaching us about local and visiting birds on the Isle of Wight. It gave me a huge appreciation of nature and I’ve loved birdwatching ever since. I recently moved back to the Isle of Wight from London, and live a 5 minute walk from the very same nature reserve.

Nick Spensley, Head of PR and Marketing (pictured, right)

Mrs Field was my first ever teacher in reception/Year 1. She was like a second grandmother to me, so much so that I even went to stay with her for a week when my family went skiing and I didn’t want to go. To this day she is one of the best souls I have ever met. The thing she impressed on me the most was to always be kind, thoughtful and chivalrous. 

Leanne Walstow, Social Media Manager and Content Executive 

I’m from a working class northern English background and had always dreamt of studying at Cambridge University. I was incredibly lucky that I was helped by my sixth form principal, Dr Richard Williams, every stage of the way. Through endless application rewrites, practice interviews and exam resits, he never gave up and encouraged me to believe in myself through it all. I’m confident in saying that without his help I would have never got to study there.

Goal 04: Quality Education

John Bacigalupo, Head of Finance (pictured, left)

A teacher who had a big impact on my life, and probably never knew it, was Mr. Houchin.He taught me math and its application in the real world - whenever we used to learn a new concept or theory he used to take us out of the classroom and find the best way to use it. For example, to measure the height of a really tall tree using trigonometry. It really opened my mind on the logic behind math and also made it enjoyable as we got to enjoy some fresh air whilst learning something theoretical. 

Jessica Jurkschat, Content Marketing Assistant 

My secondary school art teacher had a great impact on my life. Ms Fehr was an amazing teacher and an even better role model to all her students. She took a genuine interest in everyone's lives and was a HUGE advocate for mental health, something that was quite taboo at the time. Classes with Ms Fehr made me appreciate not only the beauty of art, but also the therapeutic outlet that it provides.

Annapaola Di Prisco, Head of Events and Retail (pictured, left)

During lower secondary school, my literacy teacher definitely gifted me with a different vision in life. She taught me how important and powerful the use of the right words may be and how essential is to structure a sentence correctly, to better communicate your opinions or feelings.I remember I spent hours learning about grammar analysis of a text. I was so fascinated by something that to me felt like a science, the "science” of Italian language. She passed me the love for the Italian language and literature, the power of books and stories. She made me feel empowered to express myself and communicate my ideas…At some point I became quite geeky about it, but I still thank her for the great work she did!